Notes from SF 2012

Looking through my notebook I found this which I forgot I had written.

“On my first day in San Francisco,

– I had a rather tense exchange with the brakeman of a cable car.

– I went to a Chinatown pharmacy and bought some Breathe-Right strips from a girl whose nametag read ‘Ting Ting’

– I witnessed an argument between a musician and a magician near the pier.

– I had various unflattering photographs taken of me.

– I got sunburned on a cloudy day.

On my second day in San Francisco,

– I saw a man walking down the street wearing headphones and rapping to himself very loudly about ‘the Hyphy movement’ at 9 in the morning.

– I watched a girl scotch-tape ‘FREE PUSSY RIOT’ fliers to electric poles.

– I ate a veggie burrito while Camilo Sesto played on the jukebox.

– I purchased ‘compact discs’ encoded with recorded music.

– I totally destroyed (in the good sense of the word) ‘Differences’ by Ginuwine at the karaoke bar insides the Thai place where we had dinner.

– I drank an Irish car bomb.

On my third day in San Francisco,

– I drove to the beach.

– I went to the park.

– I crossed a bridge.”


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