I Want to Start Yet Another New Chamber

Almost a year ago now I started a Tumblr, with the idea that it would serve as a sort of promotional vehicle for my fledgling career amongst the genre-fiction literati.

I had an inkling that there was (relatively) big news on the horizon (my first short-fiction sale), and wanted to, you know, ‘expand my vertical into new wheelhouses to ensure that my synergy and back-end points are leveraged for maximum exposure on the new media frontier’. And stuff.

Then I realized something: I just don’t get Tumblr.

Maybe my life is lacking in funny cat videos to make gif’s of. Or anything at all to make gif’s of.

So once again, I’m inaugurating some dumb website, once again there’s (relatively) big news which has yet to be confirmed, and once again I’m here to *cough* um, synergy? *cough cough* Uh…wheelhouse? Like, really–I sprung for a domain name and errythang. Why? ‘Cause I am a baller like that.

In the meantime, watch this again:


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