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Story published: ‘Ohotsuku-kai’

Way back in 2013, I wrote the following in a post on this very blog:

Well, I’ve just received final confirmation that the lovely folks at Stupefying Stories have indeed accepted my story “Ohōtsuku-Kai”, and that it will very likely be available for your reading pleasure sometime in the future.

Well, folks, the future is now! Fast forward to 2018 and Stupefying Stories #22 is now live and available for purchase on the Kindle for the low, low price of $2.99 (free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers). Go get you one! Or if you prefer, you can get the dead-tree version as well!

A bit of a time capsule, this one. “Ohōtsuku-Kai” was completed sometime in 2011. It was the third or fourth short story I wrote after deciding it would be a good idea to spend my free time writing short stories (note that this was back when I had way more free time.) Revisiting it now with the lucid 20/20 of hindsight, its flaws are (to me) glaringly apparent; I can only hope its charms are equally apparent to readers.

Upon rereading, I will says it’s a surprisingly ‘pulpy’ affair, more so than anything I’ve written in the intervening years. The promotional copy for this issue describes it like so:

“a terrific next-century science fiction tale set in a world in which the United States is still recovering from the effects of the Second Civil War, the Japanese, Koreans, and Russians are all jostling for position in the Chinese shadow, and someone has discovered a new power source that seems too good to be true.”

I’d like to thank editor Bruce Bethke for picking my little story out of the slush and flinging it out into the world. Working with Bruce on the copy edits was a pleasure; highly recommend, would copy-edit again. 5/5

So basically if you like stories about modern-day indentured servitude, and pirates, and aliens, you know what to do!








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